Thursday, November 27, 2008

Scientology Believes it has the Power to Raise the Dead

"References: HCOB 8 Apr. 88,
TR Instruction Film No. 10, Assists

Use of Process: For use on someone who has left the body — i.e.,
in a situation where if the thetan does not come back the body will

Information: "Doing a bunk" is an English slang term meaning
"running away or deserting." In our terminology it means that a
person shoots out of his head. He actually abandons the body, i.e.,
the being is really gone. There is a difference between a thetan
leaving the body and a thetan going unconscious. When a person is
unconscious, he will still be breathing and will have a pulse. But
when a person has left, pulse and breath may stop.

If a person has done a bunk, you can simply order him to come
back and bring the body to life. The commands are addressed to
the person and should be given in a tone of authority.
It would be as simple as commanding,

"Come back and bring this body to life!"

Or ordering the person,

"Come back here and pick up your body!
At once! Pick it up! I order you! Right

You just keep commanding him with Tone 40. He is still around and
can be gotten to come back again.

There is another means of bringing a person back to life. You can
coax the person back. In one case, an auditor pleaded along the
lines that the person should remember her husband, should think of her
children, and so on, all with no response. He couldn't get her to
pick up the body at all. Finally, the auditor said, "Think of your
poor auditor!" at which point she came back and brought the body
to life.

Once you have brought the person back to life, that is the end of
this assist action. Of course, if it is needed, the person should be
fully handled with medical treatment and further assist actions to
make him completely well.

Notes on Running: Someone who has done a bunk must be
handled within three to four minutes. A maximum amount of time
would be eight minutes, but by this time physical damage will
probably have occurred. An assist can be done to bring the person
back to life. Anyone attempting such a handling must act fast.

When someone has done a bunk, there is still a communication
line to the body. There is always a communication line to the body
because the thetan is tuned up to the wavelength of the ridges of
that body. Therefore, even if the thetan is six universes away, he
can still communicate through the body."

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