Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I received this email today:

"Helsing, my name is [withheld] and i live in the u.k. i have never been particularly fond of the peta group. their protests have franklly annoyed me more than anything else. (i am NOT a vegetarian!!) but even i was shocked when i spoke to a peta protester who handed me a brochure from The Earth Organization, which i learned online was a Church of Scientology front group. Then in retrospect i realized how much of the chatter from the peta chickie was hubbardspeak - she made references to "dynamics", "self determinism", "havingness" and probably many other scieno terms that went over my head. is peta just another front group for the cult?"

That's a very interesting thought......... Come to think of it, both PETA and Scientology have a propensity for generating splinter-off groups and websites, both court the favor of celebrities and use them as shills to promote the group, both focus more on massive fundraising than the actual substance of their stated goals.

Most importantly, both have a frightening cultlike conviction that they know what is best for this planet and that they can do anything, to anyone, no matter what, in pursuing their quest!!

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