Monday, September 29, 2008


Why is FOX NEWS giving CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY softball treatment?

Could it be because BILL O REILLY benefits monetarily from creating STOCK MARKET DROPS in MCDONALDS STOCK by doing stories like THIS ONE and then DAYTRADING on the drop and subsequent bounce? He practically admits it himself in THIS INTERVIEW.

Could it be because prominent Scientologist GRETA VAN SUSTERAN has been excercising her clout to QUASH stories critical of Scientology because she ""likes the ethics"?

Is that why ALAN COLMES, the wimpy FAKE liberal shill designed to be the bleeding-heart STRAW MAN against the right-wing conservatives at Fox, was the one they gave the assignment to do an expose on the CCHR, thus INVALIDATING THE WHOLE THING and making the bottom line message to Fox's conservative viewers seem that the CCHR is actually OKAY?

When i testified in Congress regarding the "ARC Triangle" of Fox/McD's/Scientology, my pleas fell on deaf ears during the corrupt CLINTON ADMINISTRATION who was in bed (literally??) with JOHN TRAVOLTA. How much more BLATANT does it all have to GET?

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